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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Hello.....Hi.....Nice to meet you. Welcome to AquaHabit, the place where a hobby becomes an obsession, a passion or whatever you want it to be. We love fish, and if you’re reading this you probably do too, but if you don’t or are unsure; stick with us, we will change your mind.

Sitting here writing our first blog, with the intention to tell you all about what our aim is, who we are and what we are going to do, whilst also trying to make it interesting and professional, is proving difficult!

Perhaps the best way to describe who we are is in the only way I know how, in fish talk.

We are new fry.....we are ready to take on the world, swim freely in our aquarium, fresh and hungry with a powerful will to survive, but with a nagging feeling of confusion and doubt which I suppose is natural in the acclimatisation period. There are plenty of dangers lurking and waiting to stop us; aquarium filters to stay away from and of course bigger, older fish who have been in the aquarium for what seems like eternity and know it inside and out. But we are new and strong and know we must keep swimming. Wouldn’t it be nice if the aquarium were a place everyone felt safe and welcome? New fry and old fry alike, a place to come together, learn and gather ideas. A place to inspire and support. So, what’s next?

"Please come visit us and help kick-start the community"

Well, we have our website, please come visit us and help kick-start the community, it’s for everyone, from experienced hobbyists and aquascapers, to the kid begging their parents for their first goldfish bowl. This website is our aquarium, the place that we will be living, it will have the resources you need to get started and progress, the inspiration to motivate you and a forum to discuss and connect. Just like any good aquarium, it takes time and at the moment it is a work in progress. We will post updates on social media, so please like and follow.

Looking to the future, we have big ideas and one day hope to have a store. However, it’s going to take some time... we have to engage our creativity to ensure fish-keeping and aquascaping endures in the modern world.

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