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Welcome to the penultimate #5Minuteswith interview in this series. Next week we have a special edition bonus interview to finish off the series, then we are taking a break to start another exciting new blog range, but don't worry we will be back for another run of the #5minueswith interviews soon after! In todays interview we talk to monster fish keeper Mick Booth aka @micksfishuk to find out more about his life with the hobby.

Hi Mick, thank you for taking the time to respond to our questions today. I'm really looking forward to your answers as I've never kept the sort of fish that you do and I'd love to know more! So, when and why did you get into the hobby?

Hi Matthew, it's a pleasure. I got into the hobby back in 2008. Inspired originally by my grandad who always had 1 or 2 tanks set up in his house, I was always amazed by them when we visited him. My first tank was 120 litres and stocked with guppy’s and angel fish, I was hooked ever since.....and the tanks have got bigger and bigger!

Haha your tanks have definitely got a bit bigger! You now own a 2000 litre tank, which is just awesome, what is your maintenance routine like for a tank that huge?

I do a 60% water change every week and clean the glass every week. I clean out every FX6 filter every 6 weeks in 2 week intervals and keep it all recorded in a book.

Wow, it must take you ages! You have some amazing fish, do you have a favourite and why?

My favourite fish of all time are Arowanas. I love the way they take food, how they look and their strong personalities. They really do get to know who you are, they can tell the difference between me and my fiancé; they know that it's only me that feeds them! They are great fish to keep but they grow really fast so you must have a big aquarium at the ready!

Yes I bet you do! They really are magnificent; I love watching them in your Instagram and YouTube videos. You're obviously really experienced, so what is the most useful piece of equipment or product you've ever had?

The most useful bit of equipment I have is my python no spill water change pipe. I own 3 of them now and saves so much time and mess. You can go and have a shower while it is changing your water and I would recommend it to any one.

That sounds amazing, I'll have to check them out! You've now got over 20k followers on Instagram, how does it feel sharing your work and passion with so many people?

I set my Instagram up as a bit of a joke really but over the past year or so it has gone crazy. I really enjoy doing it and also helping a lot of people with fish related problems along the way. I have got to know so many like-minded people, and have met up with a few too, it is great to know there are other people as obsessed as me!

Yeah it's so nice to be part of such a great community! Finally, we see you have a very cute baby boy; will you get him involved in fishkeeping and if so, what age will you get him started?

Thank you so much. I will 100% be getting Winston in to the hobby as soon as I can. We already sit him by the tanks throughout the day, he watches me do water changes and comes to the fish shop with us!

Aw that's brilliant, I love it when people encourage their kids to get involved, and make it a family hobby!

Thank you so much for sharing some of your life with us all today and we wish you, and Winston, all the best for the future.

If you would like to see more of Mick and his aquatic journey, follow him on Instagram @micksfishuk and subscribe to his YouTube channel MicksFish UK.

If you would like to take part in the next series of our #5minuteswith interviews and join the esteemed group of #5minutewith interviewees, please get in touch.

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