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Today we welcome stunning visual artist Jason Law AKA @aqua.element to our #5MinutesWith interview series. Read on to learn how he got started on his aquascaping journey and where his beautiful designs will take him in the future.

Hi Jason, its brilliant to talk to you today! I am really interested to find out more about you so lets get started...

My first question is always the one I'm the most keen to find out the answer to - how long have you been interested in the hobby and why did you get into it?

Hi Matthew, thanks for having me! I have been interested in aquascaping since I was small, I still remember my father bringing me to the aquarium store. At that time, I was attracted by the bubbles released from the CO2 diffuser and the plant in the tank that was pearling. Around 2 months ago, I decided to make a scape to bring some 'green' into my living room. That's how I started this one-way aquascaping journey. Since then, my weekends usually include going to the aquarium store, either buying tanks or fishes or plants! Also, my girlfriend is into the hobby as well; we created a nano tank at her place and I think her support is one of the reasons I keep my interest in this hobby. It's really nice when you have someone else in your life that loves the hobby too and you can share the fun together! You say you're always going to the aquarium store, do you have any plans for a new scape then? Yes, I do. I am going to make a 60p scape for the IAPLC. It will be my first-time entry, I am so excited about it! Also, I am going to make a mini waterfall scape inspired by Jurijs. Lately, I have been quite into mini scapes using the DOOA Neo Glass Air tank as well.

That's so exiting! I can't wait to see what you have planned for your IAPLC entry. I love the DOOA mini tanks too, they are amazing! People on Instagram love your work and stunning photos, what motivated you to start the account?

The reason I started my Instagram account was to share my work with others and get their opinions, only then can I make improvements in my aquascaping skills. The inspiration for all my content is the questions I asked or what I wanted to know when doing my own scapes and maintenance. Maybe that's why people feel that my content is useful to them. I started @aqua.element just over 2 months ago, and now it has over 3K followers. I am really happy with this achievement, and feel like all my effort is worthwhile when I see all the comments and direct messages. I will continue making useful content for all the aqua fans for a long time yet! It is an amazing achievement, you should be very proud! You give lots of good advice to others, but what process do you follow when designing/planning a new scape?

When I start planning a scape I will scroll through all the posts that I've saved from Instagram first, to see if there are any good examples that I want to follow, and then I go from there.

Instagram is such a good source of inspiration! Now for a question on a hotly contested subject, how many hours of light do you provide your aquascapes with per day?

I do eight hours per day mostly. Some of my lights have smart controls that offer a ramping function which I set to 12 hours, but the intensity is relatively set lower to avoid algae.

Good idea! Finally, you are a designer from Hong Kong, can you tell us more about that?

My background is a bit complex; fun fact is I studied marketing in university and I work as a full-time UI/UX designer. Design has always been my interest and what I love. I think aquascaping and UI design have so many similarities. For instance, we always need to think about the focal point or golden ratio, etc. Maybe because aquascaping lets me create whatever I want and is limitless, is why I love it so much. You know, as a designer you need to compromise a lot of stuff when you are facing your boss or your clients, whereas aquascaping allows me to create whatever I like.

Well I can certainly see from your creations that you have a design background! Thank you so much for your time today Jason and we wish you all the best in your aquatic journey!

To see more of Jason and his work follow him @aqua.element

Tune in next week for another instalment of #5MinutesWith!

All images copyright @aqua.element

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