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Welcome to a slightly unusual edition of our interview series #5MinutuesWith, where we talk to both fish keeper and fish! Today we ask Finley and his owner Alexandra Wisniewska aka @finleys_diary our six quick-fire questions to discover a little insight about their lives together! Read on to find out....

Hi Finley and Alexandra! It's really nice to talk to you both today, I've been looking forward to it as I've never interviewed a fish before!

My first question is to you Finley; what is your favourite pastime?

Finley: Bubble, bubble, bubble......

Alexandra: Hi Matthew! Thank you for having us! As I have the pleasure of putting up with this little character every day, I will be answering the questions for him haha! Finley's favourite activity is definitely eating... pellets and other treats he gets are definitely the centre of his entire universe! A very close second would be flaring or being lazy and lounging on things like moss or Anubias leaves.

Sounds like a perfect life! Speaking of food, do you have a favourite that you can recommend to other Bettas and their owners?

A: Finley’s favourite food is definitely the pellets I give him. They’re called 'Betta Pro Color' pellets and are manufactured by a local polish company. Albert, Finley's betta brother, is also a huge fan of these pellets! The boys go absolutely crazy for them, Finley does what I call “butt wiggles” every time he sees the box, Albert even jumps out of the water a bit to get them from my finger! Besides dry foods, they really enjoy chasing live Daphnia around, so I try to provide that as often as I can for them.

F: Yum, yum, gargle, gargle!

Brilliant suggestion, thanks! Glad you like them Finley! Are there any specific requirements you have for the perfect home?

F: Glug glug!

A: I always keep my bettas in 28-29C and about pH 7. That is what they have always thrived in and what seems to be working out best for us!

Well they certainly look like they're thriving! You mentioned your brother Albert earlier, do you get along with him?

A: If I were to let Finley answer this, I’m sure he’d say that he saw him once up close and that was enough haha! But overall, I’m pretty sure they get along great! Whenever I sit down at my desk to get some work done, I get judged from two directions now... that shows me that they must have at least cut some type of deal or truce when I left them home alone!

F: Cough cough..... ahem

That sounds very suspicious Finley haha! I'm glad you get along though! How do you feel about becoming Instagram famous?

F: Splash splash splosh!

A: Finley definitely enjoys the spotlight! He is one sassy betta and loves posing for the camera! On a serious note, I never expected him to get this much attention when I started his page! I couldn’t be more grateful for the response he continues to get from the community.

That's lovely! We all really enjoy watching what you all get up to!

And finally, we love your sleeping tubes and shrimp plates, do you have any future plans for more products?

A: Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! We are planning on expanding our product line but I will keep the details secret for now. Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise!

F: Bubble bubble!!

Well I'm definitely buying a shrimp feeding plate, and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us all! Thank you so much Finley and Alexandra for your time today and for sharing some of your aquatic journey with us, we wish you both and Albert all the best!

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