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Hi everyone and welcome to our fourth interview in the series #5MinutesWith. Today we meet newcomer and family guy Eric Alcosiba AKA @savagekeepers to find out a little bit about his aquatic journey so far. Read on to find out his answers to our six quick-fire questions....

Hello Eric! Thankyou for speaking with us today, I am really curious to find out more about you so lets get started!

The first question is one we are always interested in the most; when and why did you get into the fishkeeping hobby?

Hi Matthew, thanks for inviting me! I started this hobby literally about three and a half months ago on June 20th, 2020; five days after my grandmother had passed. That's what really got me into the hobby, finding an escape and just a really great way to be needed, and to find therapy. It's been addictive ever since!!

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. But it's great that you've been able to find some comfort from the hobby and I hope it continues to be a healing influence in your life. We can see from your Instagram posts that you have a lot of fish, how many different species do you have?

Since I started this journey I have over 20+ species, from freshwater crabs all the way to arowana! It's been a dramatic increase ever since!!

Wow, that's a lot in a short space of time! Seeing as you are relatively new to the hobby, what is the best piece of advice you have been given and what would you say to others just starting out?

The main thing is listen to others and stay persistent! You may learn a few hard lessons along the way, but with this you'll also gain passion and growing obsession! You become the caretaker to hundreds of fish, it's a great sense of need, and like I mentioned, therapy. I've come out of a massive depressive state just growing from this, it really is such a great hobby, almost life saving!

That's wonderful to hear and brilliant advice! Speaking of hard lessons, what algae busting tricks can you share with us?

UV lights and tender loving care haha! Algae has just become a new problem for me and it's best to catch it early at the very first signs. Yeah catching it early is definitely the trick! I've also noticed you keep some red clawed crabs, how long have you kept crabs for and what do you like about keeping them?

These red claw crabs are pretty exciting and energetic little dudes! And in all honesty they don't even pinch! They love algae tabs, red bloodworms, freshwater fish flakes, etc. They do have personality as well, which is something many fish hobbyists love in their tank critters!

Amazing! They are so unusual! You look like a real family guy, how do you get the children in your family involved? Do you think you have some future fish keepers in the making?

My little brothers and nieces have absolutely loved watching my hobby and tanks grow!! They've taken a huge likeness to the tank keeping hobby. Whenever I go to the pet store or find a seller online they always want to come with me. They help me clean my tanks without me even asking and feed the fish, which I love. They are so curious when it comes to the fish, and ask so many questions, it's amazing! They ask about the mollies, tetras, cichlids, loaches, gouramis, crabs and arowanas, even the goldfish. They told me they want to open their own pet store or take care of fish when they grow up …. haha little aquamarine biologists in the making!

That is so lovely! Its such an easy hobby for kids of all ages to get involved in and one that they can learn so much from. Thankyou so much for giving us all a little insight into your life today Eric, and we wish you all the best.

To see more of Eric's aquatic journey follow him on Instagram @savagekeepers

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