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I have been passionate about fish-keeping for many years. I still remember to this day a trip out one evening with my mother to pick up my very first fish tank. Unfortunately, we later learnt that the tank had been broken in transit meaning that I had to wait a little while longer before I could set it up! However, that didn't stop me from doing my research and becoming even more excited!


Founded in August 2020, AquaHabit's mission is to provide simple and modern information to the fish-keeping community. We want to guide, inspire and educate as many people about this beautiful hobby. Our free, all inclusive online resource is for everyone and we hope that it also becomes a place to chat and relax with other like-minded people. 

Please sign up and use our forums to ask and answer questions, make suggestions or show off your latest tanks! 


Mr Matthew White

Director of AquaHabit Ltd.


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